Opus Mosaics is owned and operated by mosaic artist Josh Hilzendeger and is located in his' hometown city of Missoula in Western Montana.  Josh can be reached directly by email or phone.

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Early on in life Josh Hilzendeger had a strong interest both in art and entrepreneurship.  About the year 2007 he discovered the mosaic artform and it quickly became his' lifelong passion.  After teaching himself everything possible about traditional mosaic techniques and art he turned his' hobby into a business in 2009.  Josh started a website selling mosaic tile and supplies and named his' business Opus Mosaics.  While growing his mosaic supply business Josh constantly kept creating and selling fine art mosaics and functional mosaic pieces.  Eventually he decided to create mosaic mirrors exclusively and began selling them locally and online.  With countless satisfied clients he continues to specialize in creating custom mosaic mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Each and every mosaic mirror that Opus Mosaics' sells is personally handcrafted from start to finish by Josh Hilzendeger.  This fact is clearly indicated by his' personal signature being written on the back of each mirror.  Long before he can sign the mirror Josh has to give meticulous attention to a variety of details to insure that his' mosaic mirrors are perfect.

Each mosaic mirror begins with a design and color scheme that Josh and his' clients collaborate together to create.  Once these details are decided then Josh begins to make arrangements for ordering all of the necessary materials needed to create the mirror.  This usually starts by special ordering the center glass mirrors which are carefully inspected and selected.

After the center glass mirror is ordered the sturdy wood mirror base frame is cut and prepared.  Each mirror frame is constructed from sturdy 3/4" thick wood material that is completely primed and sealed prior to the mosaic design application process.

At this point is when the fun begins and Josh is able to use his' artistic eye and mosaic skills to expertly decorate the mirror frame with one of his' amazing mosaic art designs.  Hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces of material called tesserae are handcut and methodically laid out and placed into position.  A wide variety of materials are used for this purpose including American-made stained glass, metal beads, and mosaic tile in an endless assortment of colors and styles.

After every piece is positioned perfectly and firmly in place the mirror is carefully masked off and prepared for the grouting process.  Cement-like in texture the grout is applied to the mosaic mirror border and used to fully fill every interstice or space between the mosaic pieces.  After the entire surface is covered and filled the remaining grout is cleaned and buffed away to reveal the completed mosaic design.

Now the mirror is almost done but a few important steps still remain.  Hanging hardware has to be carefully installed on the back of each mosaic mirror and for this purpose high quality d-rings and hanging wire are typically utilized.

Lastly the mosaic mirror has to be professionally packed so it can be shipped to its final destination. Like the rest of the process Josh personally takes care of this step to insure that his hard work and mosaic mirror artistry will survive whatever the shipping companies throw at it during transit.  He carefully selects boxes and packing material according to the size of each mosaic mirror to make sure each is securely packaged.

Since many of the mosaic mirrors are custom made they cannot be purchased directly at a retail store.  However, some in stock mirrors as well as custom mirrors can be directly purchased through Opus Mosaics' online Etsy.com Store.  Another option is to purchase a custom mosaic mirror by making a Custom Mosaic Mirror Request on this website.  Once a custom request is made either on this website or by phone customers can expect to be personally assisted by Josh Hilzendeger.  Through an exchange of emails or phone calls he will help clients decide all of the necessary details to get the project off the ground.  Material samples are mailed free of charge so that clients can personally see exactly what their custom mirror will be made from and choose their perfect color scheme. 

After receiving all of a customer's feedback and locking down all of the necessary details a 50% deposit is required for Josh to start the mosaic mirror construction process.  This deposit payment can be made through a variety of methods but typically an electronic invoice is emailed to clients through the secure online service Paypal.  This enables customers to review the details of their custom mosaic mirror and to securely and confidently make payment with a variety of Debit/Credit options.  Direct payments made by check or money order can also be accepted.

Upon completion of each mirror a client is notified and furnished with photos of the finished mirror.  If the mirror meets a client's approval at this point then the final 50% payment is made so that the mirror can be packed and shipped to it's destination.  The typical time frame for mirror production and shipping transit combined is approximately 8 to 9 weeks.  For a specific time frame plese contact Josh directly since a number of variables can either shorten or prolong the process.

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